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If you’re interested in reading someone who’s trying to tell the truth the best he sees it—no matter what that may be—then consider subscribing. As I approach political debates, I’m a firm believer in keeping an open mind and not falling prey to groupthink, and I think a lot of Americans are hungry for that sort of political analysis. The terms of debate are too narrow and the debate itself is too hate-filled. Through my writings here, I’m hoping to push back on those trends by combining free thinking with a civil, respectful, thoughtful tone.

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Who am I?

I’m from Oreland, PA (just outside of Philly). I’m a proud (and lucky) Princeton graduate and now a law student at Harvard. I’m also a contributing editor of American Purpose magazine. I love reading American history and talking politics. I’m worried that we Americans are starting to hate one another due to our political disagreements.

My hope is that we can face our social, political, and economic challenges and debate our disagreements together with a bit of civility and sanity—and even with an eye towards finding common ground.

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